Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), is an inherently high-efficiency family of technologies to use fossil or renewable fuels to supply energy locally. Heat, power and cooling energy can be supplied to users ranging from individual homes up to large industrial sites and even areas of cities.

Cogeneration/CHP Latest News

Association for Decentralized Energy

Demand side response could remove 9.8 GW from grid


The UK could save billions in energy costs through businesses more effectivel...

Minnesota Flint Hills oil refinery

Minnesota oil refinery opts for $150m CHP plant


One of the largest oil refineries in the US Midwest is set to benefit from th...

Engie logo

Agreement to build Welsh biomass CHP plant


Engie has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with British invest...

CHP district heating consortium starts work in UK


A new project to design, build and operate combined heat and power-based dist...

UAE district cooling firm targets Saudi Arabia


UAE-based district cooling firm DC Pro Engineering and the Saudi Technol...

Cyber security sign

EU decentralized energy systems exposed to hackers


Combined heat and power plants and district energy schemes are being left wid...

Chocolate ice cream in a bowl

Chocolate ice cream heating homes


A Yorkshire ice cream manufacturer is using the by-products of its business t...

Jonathan Graham

ADE head of policy proclaims value of district heating


The potential of district heating to contribute to the UK’s overall energy fu...

Pizolli benefiting from AB CHP expertise


Pizzoli SpA, a leading Italian potato processor, has chosen cogeneration spec...

Historic New York building to upgrade with CHP


A national historic landmark in New York City is to be upgraded with a c...

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