Cogeneration/CHP: Micro CHP

The smallest version of CHP/cogeneration plant serves individual homes, small residential units and small commercial premises.

Micro CHP Latest News

Tecogen-Tedom partnership delivers first CHP unit sale


New joint venture TTcogen has sold its first unit just months after launching...

Ballard agrees to hydrogen backup power deal in China


Fuel cell specialists Ballard Power Systems has announced the signing of an a...

Minsk paper mill orders C1000 microturbines


BPC Engineering, Capstone Turbine’s largest distributor in Russia, has secure...

CHP installation market to reach $813bn by 2024


The global combined heat and power installation market is expected to re...

CHP success stories heard at European power conference


This year’s COGEN Europe Recognition Awards ceremony was held in Milan, Italy...

Sustainable Energy Week to highlight potential of microturbines


European Turbine Network, COGEN Europe, AEBIOM and the Renewable Heating &...

US CHP and fuel cell market to reach 95 GW by 2026


The US could be set to deploy 11 GW of new combined heat and power ...

Global CHP installation market to reach $813bn by 2024


The global combined heat and power installation market could reach $813 ...

Caribbean hotel to install microturbine CHP


A large hotel in the Caribbean is to install a microturbine-based combined he...

US decentralized energy firm announces subsidiary merger


The US-based makers of a software platform aimed at operators of distributed ...

Decentralized Energy Events

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