On-Site Power

Power used on-site can be generated on-site, rather than imported from distribution grids, often more cost-effectively and with the added advantages of avoiding distribution losses and offering a measure of energy independence.

On-Site Power Latest News

Building IQ building manager with handheld technology

Q&A with Steve Nguyen, senior director of marketing at BuildingIQ


At the end of July, a report from the Association for the Conservation of Ene...

Vauxhall skyscrapers

London student tower to include CHP


Balfour Beatty is to include combined heat and power and on-site renewable te...

Cat XQ1000 diesel generator set

Californian tomato growers benefiting from CAT on-site power


70-year-old Californian company, West Coast Tomato Growers (WCTG), is using C...

Norvento wind power assembly

Going off-grid: the UK’s evolving medium wind market


When Norvento first began to consider an entrance into the UK market four yea...

Finalists announced for UK energy efficiency awards


Commercial on-site power is showcased in the UK this week, as energy tar...

John Hyde, Consultant Specification Manager for ENER-G

UK urged to take a leaf out of London’s book in facilitating CHP


“If the wider UK followed London's progressive planning requirements, the tak...

Copenhagen Infrastructure fund logo

Copenhagen fund backs British biomass plant


The Copenhagen Infrastructure fund together with Burmeister and Wain Scandina...

 Procter and Gamble’s Gillette factory

Gillette’s Berlin factory gains from on-site power


E.ON is building a sustainable power plant to serve Procter and Gamble’s Gill...

Frenchay campus UWE

British university selects CHP-solar mix for campus


The University of Western England in Bristol is set to quadruple its solar ge...

Wheelabrator Technologies

Financial boost for Kent energy from waste CHP plant


A combined heat and power plant in southern England is the first large-scale ...

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