On-Site Renewables: Biomass, Bio-fuels and Biogases

Renewable and by-product fuels available at industrial sites are used to feed on-site renewable energy plants.

Biomass, Bio-fuels and Biogases News

Biomass to replace gas in Danish CHP plant


Andritz has received an order from the regional Danish municipality Helsingør...

Solar-biogas hybrid plant inaugurated in Germany


RWE have inaugurated a modern biogas plant in Bergheim-Paffendorf, North Rhin...

AB offers ‘long block’ biogas engine replacement deal


Italian combined heat and power project developer AB has ordered 115 Jen...

Biomass boiler delivered for Scottish district heating project


A 6.5 MW biomass boiler weighing in at 130 tonnes has been delivered for...

Northern Ireland biogas CHP investments announced


Two biogas combined heat and power plants slated for farms in Northern I...

Welsh tourist site to save with biomass district heating


A new biomass-based district heating scheme is set to reduce energy cost...

CHP for Scottish whiskey distillery


A new combined heat and power plant in the northeast of Scotland is...

Ceremony to mark commencement of Polish CHP plant


The cornerstone for the new Fortum CHP plant in Zabrze, Poland, was laid this...

Biogas CHP to suffer if UK proposal goes ahead


A consultation on the UK Feed in Tariff scheme could spell bad news for bioga...

Danish biogas chief fears Brexit


The chief executive of a high performance biomass, biogas and diesel power pl...

Decentralized Energy Events

Asia Power Week

KINTEX, Seoul, South Korea
Sep 20, '16 - Sep 22, '16


Orlando, FL, USA
Dec 11, '16 - Dec 15, '16
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